Jane’s Weather Project

ARCH x PFG Australia. Brand Identity Guidelines

Jane's Weather


Brand introduction

We help Australians take advantage of the weather with our unique Consensus Forecast and Alerts Service.

Most forecasts or apps give users data from a single weather model. At Jane’s Weather, we combine data from models spanning the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia into one easy-to-use model, to provide the most complete data available.

Using traditional forecasts, a user needs to proactively find and understand conditions related to their needs or property. At Jane’s Weather, we’ve created industry-specific Alerts to ensure any business that is affected by the weather never misses an opportunity and minimises risk.

Com Janes


Jane’s Weather combines top performing global weather models, training them to provide guidance specifically for your farm using on-site observations.


Jane's Weather Brand Guidelines

They lay out all the visual details, as well as important notes about a brand, tone, and messaging. They come in the form of a physical or digital booklet filled with examples of what to do and what not to do.

Weather Icon

Icon design

Icons are used to provide greater visual interest and grab the attention of the user. They allow better understanding and effective communication with our audience in a visual format.